What is Protemoics?

(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biochemistry) the branch of biochemistry concerned with the structure and analysis of the proteins occurring in living organisms.


Embryonic and adult stem cell populations have great potential value in medicine, and hematopoietic stem cells are already being used in transplantation. Definition of these populations to increase our understanding of the programs that control differentiation, self-renewal, and possibly plasticity would be of great interest. The relative quantitation of transcriptional activity in stem cells and other populations has defined a profile of gene expression activity in stem cells. Confirmation that these differences have an impact on protein levels within stem cells via their complete protein complement and protein interactions will enable further understanding of regulatory processes in these cells. The recent developments in proteomics and their potential application to the definition of the stem cell proteome are discussed, and examples are given. Advances in mass spectrometry, subcellular prefractionation protocols, and electrophoresis that make stem cell proteomics a tractable problem are discussed. Beyond the proteome per se, advances in post-translational modification profiling mean that comparative analysis of phosphorylation patterns between stem cells and other populations can be approached.

Source: NIH.gov

Previous Company overview

GeneProt, Inc. is a life science company using the very latest developments in protein technologies to improve the quality and speed of the drug discovery and development process. GeneProt employs state-of-the-art technologies to separate, identify, characterize and synthesize proteins for bioassays. Through its high level of expertise in protein science and bioinformatics, GeneProt is facilitating pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to bring new drugs to the marketplace. GeneProt technologies are also used in-house for internal research programs to discover new therapeutic proteins, drug targets and protein biomarkers.

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Corporate milestones

Mar. 2000
GeneProt Inc. was founded by five World-known scientists in mass spectrometry, bio-informatics and chemical protein synthesis. GeneProt was initially known as Geneva Proteomics.
Over $150m raised through three financing rounds.
Nov. 2000
Five-year collaboration with Novartis on three disease studies – $41m in research funding.
April. 2001 Opened 5000 square meter (50,000 sq ft) facility in Geneva, Switzerland
Mar. 2002
Completed first industrial-scale proteomics study using several litres of human plasma, as a collaboration between GeneProt, Novartis and Duke University.
Sept. 2002
Initiation of internal research programs on neurodegenerative diseases with CSF and plasma.
Initiation of internal research programs on Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, and on pregnancy proteome.
Dec. 2002
Collaboration signed with Serono to perform bioassay tests on selected GeneProt proteins.
Mar. 2003
First protein licensed to Novartis.

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